Why choose an online life insurance to save?

Did you know ? Nearly one in two French households has life insurance, which makes it the preferred investment of French households! Whether to prepare projects or diversify your savings, life insurance has a number of benefits that we will detail below …

What is life insurance?


Life insurance is initially a financial investment, it allows the person who subscribes one to anticipate the vagaries of life and thus to save money.

It is therefore very easy for the subscriber to recover his money placed, and in the same way if he dies, this sum will be transmitted to the beneficiaries of his choice.

What are the reasons for the French to subscribe to a life insurance?

What are the reasons for the French to subscribe to a life insurance?

The number one reason for subscribing to life insurance is the desire to build a pension or a pension. The transmission of capital is also a reason that may explain the choice to turn to such a product. Finally, we note that many subscribers want to grow their capital or even have the desire to save as a precaution. In addition to these benefits, life insurance is governed by a very advantageous tax, whether in the case of a redemption or in the case of a death.

In addition, it is important to note that life insurance makes it possible to prepare various projects such as the purchase of your principal residence, to prepare your retirement, to obtain a yield or to finance the studies of your children.

Life insurance also has the advantage of having a higher return than regulated booklets. Indeed, Livret A, PEL or other LDD do not offer rates higher than 1%, where the returns of funds in euros in some players were up to 2.80% in 2017.

What’s more, life insurance offers a certain degree of security thanks to its fully guaranteed media (eg life insurance in euros). They are also very diverse, offering many opportunities to subscribers: bonds, stocks, real estate, etc.

Finally, life insurance offers two fundamental advantages: it is a flexible investment in the sense that money placed in a life insurance policy is not blocked. These funds are thus available when the subscriber wishes to use some of them.

How to choose a good life insurance policy with Good Finance?

How to choose a good life insurance policy with Good Finance?

Today, we want to introduce you to a different player in the life insurance market. Indeed, Good Finance offers a 100% online offer that allows subscribers to gain in profitability in comparison with contracts signed with traditional banking institutions.

You want to buy life insurance, but do not know where to turn? Discover Good Finance, the creator of life insurance online.

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